How to get Credit / Loan

Apply for Loan

Fill up loan application form online or get assistance from field executive. Choose loan type & amount

Fast Approval

Get approved in minutes. No collateral or past Credit history required


Complete your KYC. Upload Medical docs. Confirm your loan amount & Bank account details

Receive Money

Receive money in your bank account in minutes. Pay for your Health or Business expenses

Why choose us


Fast & easy Credit

Security or collateral free loans delivered in moments of need. Minimum documentation and faster delivery.


No hidden charges

2% processing fees.

Tenure: 6 to 36 months.

ROI: 2% to 3% p.m.

Amount: ₹5,000 to ₹60,000

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Risk management

Timely repayment reminders.

Flexible repayment.

No foreclosure charges.

Debt management.

Need an emergency health loan ASAP?