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A new approach to Sustainability

We curate Web3 🚀, Economic ⚖️, and Financial empowerment 👫 opportunities for independent working entrepreneurs of growing India 🇮🇳, in alignment to our commitment towards the 🇺🇳 United Nations SDGs & ESG goals.

We also partner globally 🌍 with Brands, Talents, Government and Regulatory bodies, and offer bespoke macroeconomic strategies in Blockchain Tech (Crypto, NFT, DAO, DeFi, etc.), that designs, delivers, and implements the optimal path for you, your consumers, and your stakeholders.

Other services include UN SDG Alignment, Growth financing, CPL, Credit refinancing, Financial literacy & empowerment. To collaborate with us, just drop us an email at:

Core Team


Arpan Das

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Chief Strategy, Economics | Director | Yale SOM


Lipika Das

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Women Empowerment Division | Director | Calcutta University


Nirmal Chandra Das

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Public Sector Advisory - CPL | Sr. Investigating Officer | LIC of India

Board of Advisors


Sowmya Danta

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Financial Markets | State Street Global Advisors | BlackRock | CFA Level 3 | IIT Delhi


Eashita Chowdhury

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Social & University Relations | PhD. SMST | Indian Institute of Technology IIT KGP | Ex- TCS 


Hridam Basu

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Blockchain Tech | Cryptographer | MS. Northeastern University | Ex- Polygon (MATIC) | Findora


Rajanya Dey

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Social Consultant | HSF | I-PAC | Ex- Honeywell UOP | JU

Our Vision

Equal financial & healthcare opportunity for all of humankind

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